About us

Our history, paints a meaningful portrait of a brand that fully appreciates the value of tradition and how it can keep us grounded while propelling us forward. Much like any structure, heritage is built from the ground up, maintaining stability and strength by staying faithful to foundations, possessing an astute sense of the present and an unwavering focus on the future.

Jootavoota brand has went from strength to strength since Zappy lifestyle was joined by new age entrepreneurs, taking the brand into new markets and territories. Starting 2019, each year 2 retail stores are being added to help Jootavoota establish a separate sales counters to sell direct to retailers other than online brand commerce.

Parallely, ours craftsmen and fine materials are what makes us good at shoes. At Jootavoota, there is no shortage of either. Our craftspeople produce some 500,000 pairs of shoes each year. We continue to strive to make the best shoes possible, refining and improving where appropriate, but always taking our time to ensure that each pair of shoes is fit to bear our brand’s name